Amos Nachoum war der Erste, der Anfang der 90er mit dem Weißen Hai ohne Käfig getaucht ist. Nun hat er sich an ein Tier gewagt, bei dem der Mensch ganz regulär auf der Speiseplatte steht: Amos folgt den Eisbären –unter Wasser! Auch um uns diese phänomenalen Bilder zu präsentieren!

Um so authentisch wie Amos es verdient hat zu berichten, veröffentlichen wir seine Pressenotizen vorab in englisch!

Link zum Trailer

About the film
Amos Nachoum is an explorer and one of the greatest wildlife and underwater photographers of all times. Fascinated by the most fearsome creatures on Earth, he has developed a unique approach, that puts him face to face with his subjects, without any protection. He swam with crocodiles and killer whales, with anacondas and with great white sharks but one major predator has always eluded him, the Polar bear. He tried before and barely escaped, but now, after four decades in the wilderness, Amos is determined to give it one last shot. The danger is real, perhaps more real than ever, but this is his last chance to get the picture of a lifetime. As the journey unfolds, Amos contemplates the series of unspoken events that drove him here, to the end of the world. It has been a long and painful journey, after serving in an Elite Commando unit and witnessing the horrors of war, but where others find fear, Amos finds redemption.
Directed by Yonatan Nir and Dani Menkin | Executive Produced
by Nancy Spielberg | 2019 | 71 minutes
For more info please reach out to Amos Nachoum at:
amos@biganimals.com / biganimals.com

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